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Personal Details

Nominee Particulars

Property Details

Payment Details

Details / Particulars Of my Family Members Staying with me

Terms and Conditions
1. Members shall be governed by the Bye-Law of Society, rules and regulations framed by the Board from time to time.
2. The Board may reject any application without assigning any reason.
3. Board shall reserve Right of admission to Members.
4. Further installments of Site deposits shall be payable by the applicants as an when demanded by society. 10% interest shall be charged on belated remittances.
5. Member shall visit the society periodically and update the addresses & telephone Nos. Non-receipt of communication shall not be considered as a valid reason, for belated payments.
6. I agree to abide by the conditions of allotment and sale of site as prescribed by the The Bangalore Employees and Self Employees Housing Co-operative Society Ltd.
7. I hereby declare that all the above information furnished by me is true to the best of my knowledge. I shall furnish any other information that may be required with regard to allotment of site.
8. If such other information required are not furnished by me within time, it will be the discretion of the The Bangalore Employees and Self Employees Housing Co-operative Society Ltd. to reject my application for consideration for allotment of Site.
9. In case it is found that the information and declaration furnished by me is found to be false at any time, the Society shall have the right to cancel the allotment made to me and I fully understand that ever at a future date, I cannot have any claim.
10. My application for allotment of Site in the Society is subject to approval of Membership/Associate Membership by the society is subject and clearance of land, by MUDA/BDA/BMRDA/BIAAPA and subject to availability of Site.
11. Membership of the Society shall not confirm entitlement for allotment of Site. Seniority for allotment of Site shall be based on the Payment or Initial deposit as well as subsequent instalment.
12. I fully agree upon the above conditions and it is binding on me.